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Straightway Construction Builds Big Buildings!

Landowners, developers, and realtors contact Straightway Construction all the time to help develop their properties across North Dakota. Large equipment storage for farmers and ranchers, retail and office space, new construction build outs, even national brands, like FEDEX, have contacted Straightway Construction to build commercial buildings and add additions to existing buildings as they grow.

If you have a large piece of land and would like to see it developed for personal or commercial use, a well-designed steel building adds tremendous value and use to any property. We can design and build any structure to fit your needs. Trucking facilities, two-floors with office, multi-purpose office and storage buildings, or separate office buildings and storage buildings can help your property start generating revenue.

Because steel buildings are the most flexible solutions, these durable, almost maintenance free building solutions come with significant benefits. With custom engineering and design, you can have the look you want and the functionality you need. Steel buildings also offer energy efficiency, speedy construction times, and if you have the land space, can offer uncomplicated future expansions.

When You Think of Steel, You Think Durability.

The number one benefit of a steel building is that it is perfect for the North Dakota climate. Heavy snowfall, high winds, summer heat. A steel building is designed to whether almost any weather North Dakota can muster. Steel roofing panels can be coated to resist rusting and increase the life of the roof far beyond additional roofing materials. Being steel, these buildings also are much more resistant to combustions, lessening the chances that they will be destroyed by fire. Because of steel’s durability, steel-framed buildings are a great choice when you need extremely wide clear-span interiors, like in a large storage area, shop, or manufacturing facility.

Quick Assembly

North Dakota doesn’t have any steel mills. Any steel building you buy is going to be pre-engineered. Pre-engineered steel buildings are amazing and much faster to assemble than wood buildings. During the design process every bolt and every joint is preconfigured to go together like a puzzle, only much faster. Anchor bolt patterns, detailed assembly drawings, and step by step erection plans are all included. All major connections are bolted together with pre-punched holes, along with most components being precut, numbered, and referenced with the plans for fast assembly. With a quality partner like Straightway Construction, the only variable is the weather.

Big Savings

In the northern part of the country, steel frame buildings can be insulated far beyond that of a wood frame building. This saves on heating and cooling costs. Pre-engineered steel buildings usually cost less than traditional construction because as the building simply needs to be assembled, there are rarely any surprise cost increases. In fact, steel buildings even have almost zero waste. Only exactly what is needed is delivered to the job site, saving you not only on material, but also waste disposal fees. Finally, a steel building saves on labor costs. Our buildings are designed to fit together seamlessly. All connections and components are prefabricated and we know exactly where they need to go.

Our People Make the Difference

Straightway Construction employs Project Managers, Superintendents, Field Operations Specialist and other leadership positions to ensure the project is on time, on budget, and of the highest standards. We treat our employees exactly the same way we treat our customers, with respect, and it shows in the craftsmanship of our work.

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